Thursday, July 03, 2003

Some Actually Apologize

I spent the last two weeks in the company of my wife, Ame. It delights me to say that, 'my wife'! We were in our own little world, especially while honeymooning in Banff, Alberta.

It's all too precious to share with those I hope read here. Too impersonal. I love showing the pictures and sharing choice little moments with friends and associates. I won't do it here.

Returning to work was fairly jarring in the break from our private bubble. It wasn't unwelcome. I'm too much a part of the world to stay isolated for long, even though deeply in love. I was unwittingly granted a fine acknowledgement over the phone. The other party noticed that I did not apologize for my absense. I asked if, given the circumstances, they expected that I should. I was told, 'no! of course not!'. Understanding me is the best gift I can receive.