Saturday, June 03, 2006

Black Expo Muncie Parade

I was delighted to be invited to march in the Black Expo Muncie parade by Carrie Dillard-Trammel, the Libertarian candidate for Indiana House, District 34.

Carrie knew absolutely everyone on the route. I have never seen a candidate sought out for hugs by so many people watching a parade. I thought Dan Drexler knew everybody, but he has nothing on Carrie, at least in Muncie.

Here are some pics from the parade.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Update From Washington

Campaign Manager Rob Place checked in with a quick report on the Campaigns & Elections seminar in Washington DC.

Rob has gathered some key ideas for the structural organization of the Kole Campaign, that we do not currently have in place- but will when he returns.

Rob has been sharing campaigning ideas with a candidate for Oregon governor, and even a Senator from Bermuda.

A very productive and interesting first morning at the seminar! More reports to follow.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mr. Place Goes To Washington

Kole Campaign Manager Rob Place is off to Washington DC tomorrow to attend a critical seminar hosted by the highly respected Campaigns & Elections magazine, entitled, “The Art of Political Campaigning”.

Ds & Rs at the highest levels send their staffers to this seminar when it is offered because the information is so valuable. This is training Libertarian staffers unfortunately do not take advantage of frequently enough.

Because of Rob's and my commitment is to be the best we can be, Rob is going. Check out the seminar agenda!

If you support this kind of effort on Rob's part, and on the part of the Kole Campaign, please support us with a contribution to offset the cost, which was around $1,000 prior to any power lunches Rob may set up on the fly while there. Link to make an online donation.

Look for a report from Rob, with photos.
Rokita Catching Arrows

It was interesting to see an item in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette on the upcoming Democratic convention, where attention was given to incumbent Republican Secretary of State Todd Rokita, and to the political dynamics attached to winning Secretary of State:

The incumbent, Todd Rokita, should be vulnerable – he strongly supported an unnecessary voter ID law, and he refused to intervene in problems surrounding
voting machines until it became politically expedient to do so.

The secretary of state is Indiana’s top official overseeing elections and also has key duties in regulating corporations. And, to settle the question of which party controls the state House of Representatives in the event of a 50-50 tie, the party of the secretary of state would be given House majority status.

Not very flattering for Rokita. The Journal Gazette can round that out when they pick up my press release.

The 50-50 Indiana House tie possibility is coming up repeatedly, and as a watchdog effect should the Democrat win. Watchdog? It just means that partisan power shifts on party line votes. That's no watchdog. What would be a watchdog would be to have the Libertarian candidate win the Office. I'm not beholden to either Ds or Rs. Votes would only be predictable in one way- in favor of smaller government, every time.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Latest Press Release

The Kole Campaign has recently issues the following press release. I felt it was important to be out front on some important issues. While the press has taken the cue from Democrats on Voter ID as a top issue, I believe the turnout itself is a much greater issue.

As Secretary of State, encouraging turnout will be one of my a top priorities.

Primary Election Turnout Embarrassing

Kole Questions Secretary of State’s Priorities
Fishers, IN- It looks like the Secretary of State’s Office put the cart before the horse, spending $1.2 million on Voter ID education. It begs the question, why educate people on how to do something they aren’t likely to do?

The statewide turnout for the 2006 primaries was 23%. Several counties had shockingly low turnout numbers: Hamilton, 17%; Allen, 16%, Marion, 14%; Monroe, 13%, St. Joseph, 13%.

“I would be embarrassed by the primary turnout numbers, if it happened like this on my watch,” said Kole, adding, “Voter ID is a fine idea. Getting people to vote is an even better idea. As Secretary of State, I will make it a priority to encourage all Hoosiers to vote- regardless of political affiliation.”

Voter ID was an important part of the Republican legislative agenda in 2006, so it came as no surprise that current Secretary of State Todd Rokita, a Republican, made a big production out of promoting the Voter ID, spending $1.2 million on TV, radio, and print ads in all 92 counties1.

But, was the advertising the best use of taxpayer dollars, especially given the light turnout at the recent primary elections? Shouldn’t Rokita have spent that money and energy encouraging all Hoosiers to vote? Libertarian candidate Mike Kole thinks so.

“As the state’s top elections official, encouraging voter turnout should be the Secretary of State’s top priority,” said Kole.

It can’t be said that Rokita made no effort to encourage turnout. It’s just that it wasn’t directed at Hoosiers.

“I was floored when I saw Rokita’s press release encouraging Katrina evacuees to vote in Louisiana2,” said Kole, adding, “I didn’t realize voters from Louisiana were the Indiana Secretary of State’s responsibility.”

But there wasn’t even as much as a press release urging Hoosiers to vote, let alone an ad campaign.

Kole asks, “Why did a handful of people from Louisiana merit more attention than a few million Hoosiers? Why was Voter ID education more important than actually getting Hoosiers to the polls so they could show their Ids? These are big mistakes. The people of Indiana deserve better,” said Kole.

Hoosier voters are the priority. Let’s get Hoosiers to the polls first.

Having an ID isn’t that tricky a concept, and didn’t merit $1.2 million in taxpayer dollars spent.

Mike Kole will have his priorities in order as Secretary of State.