Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dropped The Show

It was a decisions I was struggling to make over the past several weeks, but I did conclude that I should drop the Kole Hard Facts show.

Many thanks to Gary Snyder at Indiana Talks for giving me the opportunity. I was very flattered to be offered the chance, so on the strength of his belief in me, I took a shot at it. Please continue to listen to Indiana Talks, as the lineup will continue to improve as more and more hosts take their shows live, take calls, and generally make for very relevant radio.

It has been very hard for me to balance the concerns of a heavy workload (a good problem to have), household projects, family, fitness, and frankly feeling sane, in the past several months. Something had to give, and the show was the thing that could give. I just feel buried.

I appreciate that Gary kept the door open should things change in the future. Good man, that Gary Snyder! I appreciate him very much.