Thursday, May 20, 2004

Nolan For President

To me, the LP's presidential race has been pretty clear. Gary Nolan has been ahead of the pack in all of the ways that matter most to me: He is big on secondary objectives such as building the party and supporting the local candidates that are capable of winning and states that are taking their affiliates forward. He is doing the actual campaign work, making appearances almost every day, usually with several stops each day. Nolan sounds Presidential. This last is very important in a way I'll describe below.

I've met Michael Badnarik once. He came to Indiana's state convention. I did not see his presentation to the convention as I was busy tending bar in our hospitality suite. When Badnarik came up to the suite, he simply walked in and ordered an N/A beer. He didn't introduce himself to me and he didn't work the room. Heck, serious candidates for school board will do that. It bothers me that he only made one trip to Indiana (to my knowledge) in 2004 even though his mother lives in the state. That alone would warrant more visits.

I've not met Aaron Russo at all. He did not bother to visit Indiana in 2004. In fact, his website calendar lists only four events for May. Four events in the month of the National Convention? Are we to believe that if Russo wins the nomination that he will flip on the campaigning switch and start doing the Nolanesque 50-plus events per month?

Let us hope the question remains rhetorical and Russo is not nominated. One of the four events for Russo was a phone-in to WXNT, 1430-am here in Indianapolis. This is a fine station, with a great local morning program, the Neal Boortz show, and another local talker/agitator, Greg Browning. The station is very Libertarian-friendly, so I was hopeful Russo would take advantage and have a good showing, helping to further build the libertarian bridge here in Indy.

Wrong. Russo spent his 15 minutes locking horns with Jim Burrows over the war. Burrows is a Republican and supports the war. Russo opposses the war, as anyone familiar with libertarian politics might suspect. Disagreements are automatic on the Morning Line, though, as Burrows is opposite Trapper John, a left-leaning independent. Any candidate with any polish would have found a way to agree to disagree and then jump to an area of agreement. Not Russo. He got into a shouting match with Burrows, leaving the hosts both fairly bewildered. Burrows remarked upon the great distinction between Russo and Nolan being composure and civility. (Nolan has been on the show twice, invited back because he is thoughtful and reasonable, especially in disagreement. The hosts like him and gave Nolan 45 minutes the last time around.)

I couldn't have agreed more. It's one thing to be passionate and assertive, but another to rave like a lunatic. Russo did not sound Presidential. He sounded like a drunk at last call. He has to be reminded, which is just pathetic, that he is running for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. If Russo can so quickly lose his composure on a morning talk program, are we to believe that if he were President that we would flip on the leader-with-nerves-of-steel switch?

We hoist the bar pretty high here in Indiana. It is not enough for the Presidential candidate to merely be that. He has to be prepared to help build our party. Unfortunately, Russo set the LP back with his performance. I was glad that I was able to get on the air after Russo's act to remind listeners that Gary Nolan is running, and that good sense willing, he will be our nominee.

I shudder to think that Russo could even have a chance in this contest. Nolan is far and away the best choice, with Badnarik a strong second due to his impeccable work with the Constitution.

I'm a delegate to the convention, and I am voting Nolan.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Noblesville Meet-Up

I've been somewhat frustrated by the slow growth in attendance at the Hamilton County LP's regular business meetings, so I have been thinking that more informal meet-ups might be the way to encourage greatere participation.

To that end, the first weekly meet-up is planned for 6:00pm Wednesday for an after work affair at the Barley Island Brewery in downtown Noblesville, on the south side of SR 32, right across from the Judicial Center. A good number of libertarians have confirmed their attendence, so come join us! Non-libertarian or curious folks are invited too!