Monday, October 08, 2007

Road Work A-Plenty

(Crystal Lake, IL) No sooner finished with site verification worh in Champaign IL, and I was summoned to take on at least two projects in northern Illinois. Can't really call it Chicagoland. The work is 55 miles west of Chicago, and about 15 miles south of the Wisconsin border. These jobs will be a combination of verifications, easement acquisitions, and assorted title work. It will easily consume the rest of 2007.

I'm really missing the political season this year. Well, I'm not missing it exactly. At this time last year, I was 30 pounds lighter due to a kidney stone and general neglect, completely stressed out, nursing a severely broken hand, and generally dying to pour myself into my new business. So, here I am, right where I wanted to be. Well, I wouldn't mind if I hadn't put the weight back on. And I'd really love it if this kind of work were available in Indiana, right close to home. I miss being home with Ame and Isabel day in, day out. But in terms of the work, it's grown beyond my wildest dreams.

Moreover, my drive to the United Center for Wednesday's Sharks-Blackhawks game will be a relatively short one! But apart from that diversion, the nose will be to the grindstone.