Friday, September 22, 2006

Lafayette Report

Three events in Lafayette & West Lafayette today, all very positive.

The first was an interview with the Purdue Exponent's Mike Westervelt. He asked questions related to the office I am seeking, which is always refreshing. Plus, he was interested to learn about the various rules and measures tied to the outcome of an Indiana Secretary of State candidate, plus the way the Primaries benefit the Rs & Ds. He indicated the article would run mid-next week.

From the Exponent, I went to WLFI TV-18, for an interview with Allysa Rossomme. Her questions related to both the office I am seeking and to the Libertarian Party generally, but also to ballot access issues in Indiana. She was also interested to learn about how appointments to offices are related to the outcome of an Indiana Secretary of State candidate. She was unsure of when the piece, a feature on Libertarians, would run.

Cracking jokes on the set with TV-18's Allysa Rossomme.

Two in a row. In fact it's fascinating to find that most reporters had no idea of the significance of the Secretary of State's race, but they are very interested to learn about it. I'm delighted to tell reporters about it. Interesting to note that clearly no Ds or Rs talk about it.

The final event was a dinner with Tippecanoe County supporters at the Little Mexico II restaurant. Excellent food! Great conversations, from midwives to charter schools, Casey Shoaf's campaign for Sheriff, and my campaign by and by. We passed out bumper stickers and yard signs, and noted commitments to work the polling places on Election Day. Big thanks to Randy Young for arranging the dinner on very short notice!

Tippecanoe County Libertarians surround me at dinner.

With a little time between events before dinner, I am pleased to note that I stopped at the XXX Root Beer stand near the Purdue campus. I love the myriad Purdue related photos crammed on the walls at the Triple-X. Excellent root beer in a frosted mug while reading an AJ Quinnell thriller is rather an excellent way to enjoy a rare spare half-hour. Eat your heart out, Michael Jarrell!

Friday Schedule

We're making a day in Lafayette today!

1:30 Interview with Purdue Exponent
3:30 Interview with WLFY TV-18
6:00 Dinner at Little Mexico II restaurant, 8 East Earl Avenue, Lafayette

All supporters are invited to come to Lafayette for dinner! We will have Kole yard signs and bumper stickers available.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Constitution Cafe Discussion

I thought I would never see the day when WXNT's Abdul Hakim-Shabazz had his comments kept to a minimum, but I saw it at Shapiro's this afternoon. Now we know who gets the words in edgewise with Abdul- Law Professors! Co-Host IU law professor Jeffrey Stake gave a lengthy intorduction to the subject, beginning with the origins of eminent domain in Roman society.

This discussion on eminent domain was a lively one. Some took a utilitarian best public good position, while others took the defense of the individual and property rights side. It was interesting to consider that while the Framers clearly allowed for eminent domain takings, and placed a restriction on it in the Fifth Amendment, it has taken 219 years and the Kelo v. New London case, plus the sheer volume of eminent domain cases, to get to where the states have been at long last proactive in writing laws to better define the restrictions on eminent domain takings.

I enjoyed the reaction Jim Hurst got from the event organizers. When Abdul pointed to Jim and declared him the eminent domain poster boy of the NK Hurst Company, the reaction was unabashed delight. I think one must be a vegetarian, because when Jim described the Hurst product line- 15 bean soup, lentils, etc.- she looked like a kid meeting Santa Claus.
Schedule Updates

Today, I will be attending one of this week's great "Constitution Cafe" series of presentations in celebration of Constitution Day, which commemorated the signing of the US Constitution 219 years ago. My great regret is that I could not attend them all. Check out My Daily Constitution, and get this- Free copies of the US Constitution will be distributed at all branches of the Marion County Library. This is simply an excellent program.

The event is a discussion on eminent domain. WXNT's Abdul Hakim-Shabazz co-hosts along with IU law professor Jeffrey Stake, at Shapiro's Downtown, 808 S. Meridian St., at Noon.

I joked with Jim Hurst that the location must certainly have been chosen for dramatic effect, being in line of sight with the NK Hurst Company property.

Tomorrow's scheduled event is an interview with WLFI-TV in Lafayette. Tippecanoe County Chair Randy Young is putting a dinner event toghether, so supporters in the region need to keep their Friday early evening social calendars clear. Look for more details later today!

Yard Signs- All members of the Kole Campaign Team have yard signs in the trunk of their cars. When you see me, Rob Place, or anyone else on the team, be sure to ask for and get your yard sign!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

FOP Report

The Indiana Fraternal Order of Police is hosting candidate nights across the state as they gather information towards making endorsements of candidates.

I am very excited for the possibility that I might have earned the FOP's endorsement tonight.

Because I am not running for legislative office, there were no promises of voting in line with the FOP's position on things. However, I did express that it was my constant dismay that governments at the municipal, county, and state level all seem to have their priorities exactly backward. Indy and the State fought over control of the socialized football stadium, but when people notice we have a murder problem, funding the police is suddenly an idea whose time has come! As a Libertarian, I believe in very few functions for our governments, but public safety- police, along with fire, EMS, rescue, etc.- all should be fully funded, and funded first as top priority.

Many FOP members remarked to me afterwards that they thought my comments were 100% right on the money.

FOP has endorsed Libertarians in the past, such as Brad Klopfenstein and Richard Bees. I am very hopeful that I will be one of the next Libertarians to earn this distinction.
Letter in Noblesville Daily Times

I was pleased to see my letter printed today. Monday at 7pm is a time where there is incredible competition for my time. While I went up to rally the Fort Wayne Libertarians, I could have also gone to do the same for the Indianapolis Libertarians, or to the Indianapolis City-County budget meeting, or to the Fishers Town Council meeting.

I would have liked to have gone to the meeting in Fishers, as the hot topic was the possible ban on smoking on private property such as restaurants and bars. Unable to be in two places at once, I did the next best thing and sent a letter to the Noblesville Daily Times, who printed it today. Highlights:
Consider how a ban, or even entertaining a possible ban, actually plays out. It negates the property owner's ability to set policy on his property while allowing everyone else who does not own it to have first say. This is un-American and wrong.

Moreover, it's bad business. A uniform ban removes the edge those progressive business owners had when they voluntarily went smoke free. Also, smoking patrons will now have an incentive to take their business from the many restaurants and bars along Indiana 37 in Fishers up north to Noblesville, where there is no such ban.

I find these laws frustrating in that the public's response has been so muted thus far. Where is the defense of property rights? Why are the property rights of another so easily dismissed or ignored merely because your ox is not gored? Whatever happened to the live and live spirit a la Voltaire, that could suggest, "I do not smoke, nor do I promote smoking, but I'll defend your right to permit on your property"?

I'll look forward to the meeting with the public hearing. I hope I'm surrounded by citizens defending property rights rather than kids sent by the schools, as happened in Greefield.

I will be attending the Fraternal Order of Police's meet the candidates event this evening, with an interest in earning their endorsement. This is possible- The FOP endorsed Brad Klopfenstein for City-County Council in 2003, when I was Brad's campaign manager. So, this is an event I have been looking forward to for some time.

Here's the upcoming schedule as we know it right now:

Tue 9/19, 6-9pm: Indiana FOP PAC Legislative Night, 1427 E. Washington St, Indianapolis
Fri 9/22: Interview with WLFI-TV, Lafayette
Sat 9/23, Noon: Pagan Festival, Broad Ripple Park.
Tue 9/26, 7-7:30am: Interview on Abdul In The Morning show, WXNT 1430-am, Indianapolis
Tue 9/26, 6-8pm: Secretary of State candidate forum, South Bend

Look for events to be added on the 19th & 26th in the areas we're travelling to.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Another Fort Wayne Stop

I sat in on the regular business meeting of the Allen County Libertarians last night at the Mad Anthony Brewery and Munchie Emporium.

Big thanks to Chairman Mike Sylvester for inviting me to make a presentation on the progress of the Campaign, and to distribute yard signs to those present. I definitely appreciate the support contributions made by the members!

Taking in discussions at the end of the meeting.

We discussed coordinating efforts between the Enders Campaign for House District 80 and the Kole Campaign, to direct volunteers to staff the polling places at each precinct in Robert's district, and to do joint advertising. We've already co-produced door hangers with Robert's image one side and mine on the other, and he's been getting them out, door-to-door, at the rate of 125/week.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ice Cream Social In Hagerstown

Many thanks to Rex and Susan Bell for hosting an ice cream social/meet the candidates event at their home in Hagerstown. It was a pleasure to meet many of the Bells' acquaintances here, including many who live in homes built by Rex, his brother Ross, and his son. I teasingly went fishing for complaints against Rex's workmanship, and nobody would take the bait. These folks trust Rex completely. I think he could run as a Communist and get votes purely on the trust he has generated.

Other candidates present included Marvin Heacox (Clay Township Board), Cheryl Heacox (Clay Township Board), Juli Stout (Jefferson Township Board), Jon Bell (Indiana House, District 56), and Felix Aguilar (Indiana House, District 50).

Mike, with Felix Aguilar, and LPIN State Chair Mark Rutherford, at the Ice Cream Social.

Rex & Susan's front yard, on SR 38. Looks great with Libertarian signs!

Yard Signs Available!

Supporters have begun wanting yard signs, and we have them in stock now and ready for your front lawn or the front window of your business.

Isabel shows off her Daddy's sign

Contact Rob Place by email ( to get a sign. Those volunteering to staff the polling places on Election Day should request two signs- one for home and another for entrance to the polling place.