Friday, July 23, 2004

4-H Fun

The Hamilton County 4-H Fair kicked off Thursday, and the Libertarian Party had a booth under the same tent with the Republicans and Democrats. Of note in comparing the booths:

  • Both the Rs & Ds put heavy emphasis on their gubernatorial candidates. I was surprised at how under-emphasized their Hamilton County candidates were.  Neither had anything about local issues. The LP focused on the County candidates and local issues.
  • The Rs & Ds had plenty of slick glossy handouts available. Most of it was positive. The notable exception was the Ds distribution of a 'Defeat Bush' bumper sticker by the MoveOn PAC. The Ds had the greatest variety of candidate yard signs. The Rs had an Abe Lincoln stand-up wearing a green Mitch Daniels t-shirt. The LP booth had good-looking but homemade signage, plus the World's Smallest Political Quiz.
  • All were staffed by people who really enjoy talking policy.
Administering the Quiz is great fun. We asked anyone who took it whether they voted Republican, Democrat, or Independent. We wanted them to correct us if they were Libertarian. We also asked if they considered themselves liberal, conservative, centrist, or libertarian. Then came the quiz. Most folks did not chart where they thought they would. The majority charted on the centrist-libertarian border, with a significant group that charted solidly libertarian with a strong interest in our economic positions.

Come out and meet our candidates and party leadership! We're just a part of the fun of the 4-H Fair!

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Meet the Hamilton County LP at the 4-H Fair

The Libertarian Party of Hamilton County will be hosting an info booth and greeting the people of Hamilton County, and helping people register to vote at the annual 4-H Fair in Noblesville, this Thursday through next Monday. Directions. 

All LP candidates on the ballot have been invited to staff the booth for the duration of the Fair, with a special focus on Saturday at 7:00pm. Gubernatorial candidate Kenn Gividen will be among those present at that time. We expect that our local candidates for county office will be there frequently, so stop by the booth!

Our issues are: Forced Annexation, Eminent Domain Abuse, Mass Transit, and as always, Lower Taxes and Smaller Government.