Friday, June 01, 2007

Illinois Workfest

The posts have been few of late, mainly because I have been working 2-3 days/week in Illinois, in Danville and Decatur, on contract for AT&T. You know those service cabinets? I make scale drawings of the area so the engineers can figure out where to put another one.

Tough site. Extra room? This is a cross-connect box. A new VRAD cabinet is to be placed near the cross-box. They work together and allow for broadband and video services to be offered. I locate these in their surrounds and make 1" = 20' scale drawings. Curse me, as you will now see these cabinets all over your neighborhood where they were invisible to you before.

These have been interesting places for me to work, as there is much industrial landscape, and much of it still functioning. Translation: Plenty of trains to watch while I eat my lunch in the car.

Decatur, IL. Norfolk Southern and CSX trains work this area. Great industrial view, including the obsolete coal tower! A fellow train geek stands by the diamond with film rolling. I used the flash so that I could get a reflection off the signal tower marker. Is that some geek action, or what?

This work will be ongoing for the next 4-6 weeks, so if the quantity is light, I'll do my best to provide quality.

I enjoyed the recent linkage in "Just For The Record" for my last post. Thanks, Andrew! There's even a search label for my name. I'm flattered!