Monday, December 10, 2012

Kole On Indiana Talks

Here's a link to my brief show page on Indiana Talks. I was pleased that Gary was willing to use on old candidate head shot for the page. It was taken by Bob Kirkpatrick while goofing around before the serious shots. I love it. If I could use a face palm and still show my face, that would be perfect, too.

Good lineup shaping up there, including Gary Snyder (WBAT, Marion), Abdul Hakim Shabazz (ex-WXNT), Gerry Dick (Inside Indiana Business). I like the statewide focus Gary is honing in on. A media outlet has to offer something unique, otherwise you can get it somewhere else. It has to have a theme, some kind of common thread that ties everything together, so that one program makes some kind of sense next to another, and the listener has a reason to tune in to more than one program. Gary is putting together such a lineup.

Be sure to 'like' Indiana Talks on Facebook! I'll have my own page in the near future also.

I've Found My Special Purpose!

As this blog nears its' 10-year anniversary, it was kind of looking like it would simply fade into oblivion, what with me giving up politics and all, it having been a political blog and all. But hey! These things can be re-purposed as sure as any unwanted Christmas gift or abandoned building!

Gary Snyder has invited me to be a host on an Indiana-oriented internet radio station he is launching in 2013. I could not resist- so much so, that there might even be a little politics in it.

The show will be called 'The Kole Hard Facts Of Life' show. In the same spirit as the blog, I'll fix all the world's problems in an hour or less, talk sports, outdoor life (hiking, camping, gardening), and odd things that make Indiana anything but flyover country. I'll take calls, have guests, sponsors- the usual.

We haven't set times yet, so look for a more formal announcement shortly.