Saturday, October 21, 2006

TV Taping For Lafayette

I was in the studios of Insight cable TV this afternoon, taping my promo for the ICN candidate show, "Candidates Up Close". These will run on ICN Channel 13 in Lafayette, West Lafayette, and Attica; and on ICN Channel 3 in Kokomo on the following schedule:

Monday, 10/23, 7pm
Wednesday, 10/25, 8pm
Saturday 10/28, 5pm
Sunday, 10/29, 9am
Monday, 10/31, 7pm
Wednesday, 11/1, 8pm
Saturday 11/4, 5pm
Sunday, 11/5, 9am
Monday, 11/6, 7pm

Be sure to tune in. See if any other statewide candidate bothered to turn up and tape their own promo. Here's a shot from my taping:

I appreciate the opportunity Insight created- for all candidates to have a 5-minute message for their viewers. Thanks, Insight!
Making Strides Event

Ame, Isabel, and I participated in the American Cancer Association's annual "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" event, doing the Indianapolis 5k walk early this morning.

The broken toe was protesting a little, but I would have done this event in a wheelchair if necessary. Too many women close to me have suffered breast cancer, and I do what I can to assist in helping to find a cure.

Friday, October 20, 2006

New Radio Ad

As soon as new money comes in, we put it to work. We raised money at last night's bean dinner, and today we cut an ad to run on Indy's WXNT 1430-am. It will run once an hour during daytime programming- Abdul in the Morning, Neal Boortz, Bill O'Reilly, and Sean Hannity.

For those who can't stand O'Reilly or Hannity, or perhaps question the wisdom of heavy advertising on clearly Republican shows, observe the script:

My name is Mike Kole. I am the Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State.

People often tell me they like a great deal of what the Libertarian Party stands for, but are concerned about wasting their votes.

Let me tell you- there are a lot of wasted votes every November.

If you voted Republican looking for lower taxes and smaller government, you have wasted your vote.

You gave your vote. Did you get your results?

You might have expected them to deliver on smaller government and lower taxes, since they have had majorities in the Indiana House and Senate, plus the governor’s office. And yet, they failed to deliver.

Elect Libertarians. We will deliver.

Libertarians are passionate about smaller government and lower taxes. Republicans on the other hand, are passionate about holding power. They’re happy to collect your vote without delivering.

Why put up with that treatment? Send a message. Vote

Vote for Libertarian Mike Kole.

Paid for and authorized by the Committee to Elect Mike Kole, Ken Johnson Treasurer.

If you like this ad and want more of them to run, please contribute by clicking here.

I'm very pleased with this ad. I have wanted to tackle the wasted voted syndrome in my ads for almost two years. This is a satisfying result!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Bean Dinner a Success!

Thursday night was a glorious night, as supporters of the Kole Campaign gathered for NK Hurst 15-Bean Soup, and fellowship with defenders of property rights.

Many, many thanks to great friend Jim Hurst, who put the event together and provided the excellent food. Also, thanks for his remarks in introducing me. Public speaking isn't everyone's idea of fun, and I appreciate that Jim got up and spoke because of his support for me. I appreciate that very much!

Many, many thanks to Rob Place and Dan Drexler, who managed many of the events' details.

Big thanks to Mark Rutherford for his exuberant fundraising pitch, and to Kyle McDonald for his dignified introductions.

Thanks of course to all who attended and contributed. Your support is the fuel I need for the stretch run!

We raised over $5,000 on this evening, and it will go a long way towards covering the state with radio ads.

Photo gallery:

Jim Hurst & Mike. Jim said, "OK. I want one of those toothy grinned politician handshake pictures". How can I turn this man down?

Alongside Jim Hurst, I'm listening to Fred McCarthy, Indianapolis budgetary watchdog and author of the great Indy Tax Dollars blog.

More Bean Dinner Photo Gallery

The Marrott's Ballroom was fabulous!

Supporters dig in to the NK Hurst 15-Bean Soup and their Pasta Fagioli.

Chatting with supporters.

Marion County Chair Greg Dixon presents me with a check on behalf of the Marion County LP.

Isabel: "Vote for my Daddy!"

Bean Dinner, Featuring NK Hurst Beans!

The Kole Campaign is proud to announce a Bean Dinner Fundraiser, featuring NK Hurst's 15-bean soup.

When: Thursday, October 19th, 7-9pm
Where: Marrott Ballroom, Fall Creek & Meridian, Indianapolis
Cost: $15/person
Menu: NK Hurst's 15-Bean Soup, jalapeno and regular corn bread, Coke products, plus cash bar. Vegetarian options available- just ask.
Speaking: Libertarian state chair Mark Rutherford, and candidate for Secretary of State Mike Kole

I was proud to speak before a joint session of the legislature defending the right of all Hoosiers to their property, and to just compensation in an eminent domain cases. This included the NK Hurst family, who fought the state's attempt to take their land for extra limo parking at the new stadium site. I was proud to write editorials praising their commitment to the city and criticizing the injustice of taking their land as 'thanks'. I am humbled that the Hursts have given me their support in this way.

Mark your calendars. Email your RSVP. This is a big event you will want to attend.
Forum Report

I was pleased to appear at the Greenbriar Elementary School last night at a candidate forum featuring those on the ballot in Washington Township. I appreciated the invitation and the opportunity, as this community is very in-tune with issues.

The organizers framed this as a job interview, with the citizens as the boss. I like these metaphors. They work.

I gave my standard stump speech on my platform items of increasing voter turnout, promoting and end to gerrymandering of districts, and the adaptation of voter verifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT) voting machines. I capped off in the spirit of the Woody Allen Rule, which is, "90% of success is showing up".

Oh, look! Empty seats surround me yet again. The statewide ballot is loaded with paper candidates.

I pointed out that once again, I was the only statewide candidate, for any statewide office, from any party to show up, and that this happens very routinely. I asked, "would you hire a prospect who failed to turn up for the job interview"? This was well received, and I found myself with pledges of support and votes.

Update: There is an amusing story in the Indy Star about the Republican candidates for statewide office, touring the state in a bus... today. From the Star report:

Three Republicans running for office, including Secretary of State Todd Rokita, set off today on a one-day bus tour to promote their campaigns.

On the bus with Rokita: Tim Berry, the current state treasurer and now candidate for state auditor, and Evansville businessman Richard Mourdock, who is running to replace Berry.

The three left Indianapolis this morning and planned to stop in five cities before returning tonight.

Wow. Five cities. Tra-la-la! I've made over 200 campaign events this year, and have been actively running a real campaign for over two years. These guys get on the bus for one little day. It's such sad commentary that they will get so many votes for bringing so little to the table.

Rokita brags on visiting all 92 counties as SOS. Guess what? That's his job. There's nothing extraordinary in that.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Radio Report

It was a great hour on the "Abdul in the Morning" show today, with Jim Hurst promoting my campaign. It really meant a lot to me that Jim has given me such strong support.

If you missed the show, no problem. Here are links to Sendspace, which is temporarily hosting the four 15-minute clips of the hour. They have all the commercials and promotions, so you know.

Jim Hurst & Mike, Part 1
Jim Hurst & Mike, Part 2
Jim Hurst & Mike, Part 3
Jim Hurst & Mike, Part 4

Big thanks to WXNT and Abdul Hakim-Shabazz for having us on the program this morning, and to Andrew Lee for permission to post the clips!
Comcast Candidate Show

Some time ago, I taped a 2-minute spot for Comcast cable, to be aired in the Indianapolis system. Here's the schedule:

Comcast Channel 72

Thursday, October 19th, 7-9pm
Saturday, October 21st, 7-9pm
Tuesday, October 24th, 7-9pm
Thursday, October 26th, 7-9pm
Saturday, October 28th, 7-9pm
Tuesday, October 31st, 7-9pm

If you watch it, please make a digital recording of it. I'd like to post the video to You Tube so that everyone can see it. Email the team to arrange sending a file to us! We would be most appreciative!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bean-efit Ad

We're running ads on WXNT for the Kole Campaign's bean dinner, featuring NK Hurst Company's 15-bean soup. The ads will run once an hour Wednesday & Thursday from 6am through 3pm.

We can run more ads if the money comes in. Click Here to contribute for more ads.

Click here to listen to the ad!
Not An Endorsement, But...

The Indianapolis Star issued its endorsement for Secretary of State this morning. While they continue to seemingly give the nod to the front-runners, they did have this to say about me:
Libertarian Mike Kole is a thoughtful representative of his party. He should easily win the minimum number of votes needed to ensure a spot on the ballot for Libertarians in future elections.

32 positive words. That's major progress from a paper that was openly hostile to us in April and in years past. I am pleased that the Star's Editorial Board included this comment, and hope it is read far and wide, because they haven't held back on negative comments in their endorsements this year. They trashed the Republican and Democratic candidates for US House in District 7 because they deserved a good trashing.

The Libertarian Party of Indiana has worked hard on its credibility. This is a small result, but one that I believe helps pave the way for endorsements and better treatment in the media overall.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Radio Alert

Be sure to tune in to WXNT 1430-am on Wednesday morning at 8am. Jim Hurst & I will be guests on the "Abdul in the Morning" show to talk about the Kole Campaign "Beanefit" Bean Supper.

Those outside the Indianapolis area can listen online. Click here!
Support Needed For Radio

We need to get 420 radio ads purchased. They cost around $4,500. These 1-minute ads will be aired on 28 radio stations across Indiana. The same kind of ads were key to doubling the ballot access threshhold tied to the Secretary of State's race in 2002.

Click here to contribute. Even a $10 donation buys an ad.

Remember: Libertarian Party ballot access depends on my outcome. If I come in first or second in any given county (a distinct possibility!) Libertarians get appointments to boards and commissions like Board of Zoning Appeals.

Here's the list of stations:

Anderson WHBU-AM 1240
Aurora WXCH-FM 103.1
Aurora WSCH-FM 99.3
Bedford WBIW-AM 1340
Berne WZBD-FM 92.7
Boonville WBNL-AM 1540
French Lick WFLQ-FM 100.1
Hardinsburg WKLO-FM 96.9
Huntingburg WBDC-FM 100.9
Kendallville WAWK-AM 1140
Loogootee WRZR-FM 94.5
Madison WORX-FM 96.7
Madison WXGO-AM 1270
Michigan City WEFM-FM 95.9
Monticello WMRS-FM 107.7
Oxford WIBN-FM 98.1
Paoli WUME-FM 95.3
Portland WPGW-FM 100.9
Portland WPGW-AM 1440
Rensselaer WRIN-AM 1560
Rochester WROI-FM 92.1
Santa Claus WAXL-FM 103.3
Seymour WQKC-FM 93.7
Sullivan WNDI-AM 1550
Sullivan WNDI-FM 95.3
Wabash WKUZ-FM 95.9
Washington WAMW-AM 1580
Washington WAMW-FM 107.9

Click here to contribute. Help us spread the Libertarian message and reach our goals!