Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Face of the Ron Paul Opposition

I railed previously at the trendiness of the leftward opponents using derivatives of "retard" to slag off Ron Paul. At the risk of repeating, I am wholly dismayed by this use of language. The Left, which loves to enjoy the feeling of being the sensitive side of political life, does everything it can to run from the reality of it with this kind of snide put-down. I'm still waiting for someone prominent on the Left to smack some of its' own down, in the interest of at the least not looking so hypocritical, and better than that, of looking like it means it.

In the meantime, here's the face of the Ron Paul opposition, in a You Tube video going by the name "Ron Paul is also a Fucktard":

I sure hope he does a lot more of these, because if he is the opposite of Ron Paul, he stands to push a fair number of people towards Paul. Dude! Would you be so kind as to run the first 30 seconds of this clip on the Iowa TV stations today? That would be excellent.

Thank you.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Spleen Vent

I'm a fit to be tied! For the first time since May '07, there was a TV show scheduled for broadcast that I really, really wanted to see. The NHL scheduled it's second-ever outdoor regular season hockey game, in Buffalo with the Sabres hosting the Pittsburg Penguins. NBC has the coverage in the USA, and the game is being played right now as I hammer the keys.

So, why am I not watching? Because WTHR-13 in Indianapolis is showing the weepy MONTEL WILLIAMS SAP-FEST INSTEAD! My lack of God!

Further infuriating is the WTHR website, which does not allow the user to fire off the angry email. They don't like user feedback, apparently. Customer service? Never heard of it!

Arrrgh. The one time I want to watch something. Thanks for nothing, WTHR. Way to ring in the New Year.

Update: Nice work WTHR. The rest of the country's NBC affiliates enjoyed strong ratings for showing the outdoor hockey game, while you ran Montel and Dr. Phil. Say- how'd that work out for you? From an ESPN report:

More people tuned in on New Year's Day to see the NHL play outdoors than any other regular-season game in more than a decade.

The Penguins-Sabres game in snowy Buffalo -- the first regular-season outdoor NHL game in the United States -- drew a 2.6 overnight rating and a 5 share on NBC. Those were the best numbers since a six-game regional telecast on Fox drew a 3.0 overnight rating and a 7 share on Feb. 3, 1996.
The Buffalo and Pittsburgh markets led the ratings, at 38.2/58 and 17.7/30, respectively. But markets such as Sacramento, Calif., St. Louis and Denver also drew strong ratings, even though the game went up against a number of college football bowl games, including an intriguing Capital One Bowl between Florida and Michigan.
Hey, WTHR! Next time you have a unique NHL game like this, don't pass on it. You can show the Montel re-runs any time. You can have hockey fans love you long time, if you'd like.