Friday, January 04, 2013

Resolutions Broken yet?

Some of mine are. But then, when you have so many, it's so easy to do. I used to poo-poo New Years Resolutions as devices needed for weak minds, or some such. Why wait for January 1 to re-evaluate your life, move the goal posts, etc.

I still like that latter notion, but I'm not so down on doing it also for the new year. In a nutshell:
  1. Get back into the 32-inch waist pants
  2. Spend less on frivolous crap
  3. Go to at least one sporting event per month
  4. Go camping at least six times in 2013
  5. Complete repair & improvement projects around the property
  6. Don't give politics too much time
  7. Complete the digitizing of the music collection
Pretty standard resolution stuff, apart from the last two. And yes, I know, how do we reconcile #2 & #3? Well, I really enjoy live sporting events and road trips, so it works out real well. And, if I can get cheap tickets on Stub Hub or other resale sites, then I'm spending less.

I'll talk about New Years resolutions, Indiana sports highlights, a benefit for Norton Records, and more on the next Kole Hard Facts on Indiana Talks.