Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Get Well, & Respect!

I was fairly shocked the other day to check in to Facebook and to read Chris Bowen's status update, telling us he had been in a pretty serious car accident. Bowen is the Libertarian candidate for Indianapolis Mayor. From the Indy Star:
Marion County Democrats put out a release this morning with thoughtful comments by Chairman Ed Treacy, who of late has drawn attention much more often for his biting political jabs. It’s nice when the gloves come off one week before an election. Treacy said: “Libertarian Mayoral Candidate Chris Bowen is in our thoughts and prayers this morning as he recovers from a serious car accident that occurred last night. Mr. Bowen has worked hard throughout this campaign and is clearly dedicated to making our city stronger. We wish him well and hope for a speedy recovery.”
Indeed- Get well, Chris! That had to be one frightening moment. Very relieved that the car sustained the worst of the damage.

And big respect to Ed Treacy, a man who is better known for stinging attacks on political opponents. It's one thing to go toe-to-toe on policy, but too often it gets genuinely personal. Especially at times of injury, it's a great thing to see support cross partisan lines. Thanks, Ed! Big respect!