Friday, November 19, 2004

Oh! Canada?

Being a fairly rational person, I believe that the most pressing problems before a government should be addressed first. I know, that means heavy lifting now, but it means smooth sailing later.

I'm going to guess that a recent Royal Decree- yes, her Majesty in England is still the ultimate authority in Canada, with the assistance of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario- has not addressed Ontario's most pressing issue when She banned dwarf tossing.

Yes, dwarf tossing.

As Sheri Sharlow Conover points out to me, there is a gret flaw in this Decree. While it specifically bans dwarf tossing, I still appear to be free to toss midgets when next I am in Toronto, Sudbury, or Brantford, without the slightest threat of prison of a $5,000CDN fine.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

On The Air Friday!

I've been itching to be behind the mic for quite some time now, so it's with great pleasure that I will sit in on Abdul in the Mornings on WXNT 1430-am this Friday, from 6:00-9:00am.

It's a one-day Libertarian takeover, with LP Political Director Brad Klopfenstein at the helm, Al Barger and myself as the supporting cast. Abdul is taking a day off.

It's all subject to changes based on the news that breaks between now and Friday morning, but the show should look a little like this:

6:00-7:00 Indiana elections recount-o-rama. Problems in Franklin & LaPorte Counties, and in Congressional District 9
7:00-8:00 Will the GOP be fiscal conservatives, social conservatives, both or neither in the upcoming legislative session?
8:00-9:00 Special phone-in guests. Big secret. Can't tell you. Have to listen to find out.

Be sure to listen and to call in on 317-228-1430!
Experiment Failed

I thought for sure that if I only dropped a few key words into the blog, I would get mega hits. So, about 20 minutes after Scott Peterson received his verdict, I posted an item dropping his name and others.

It didn't work. I was advised that I would have had some success if I used words like "Britney Spears naked", or "Paris Hilton naked", or, name any popular, young female entertainer and the word "naked".

In fact, I might start to get the hits now that I've done so! On the other hand, the blog could get screened as prono...