Saturday, January 08, 2011

Going To The Colts Game

I'll cross another item off the Bucket List tonight in going to a Colts playoff game. Actually, it will be my first game at Lucas Oil Stadium. It's been ages since I'd gone to an NFL game.

Some I talked to have taken to tweaking me about attending an event at a publicly funded stadium, given my opposition to same. Give it up. I long ago came to the conclusion that I couldn't do much of anything on this earth if I was going to live by litmus tests.

How could I eat any food but that which I grow? After all, I oppose farm subsidies, and virtually all American foods are subsidized. How could I interact with any other living human being? After all, I don't agree 100% with anyone? The battles over funding the stadium are over. The battles over continued subsidization of the team carry on, and I lend my voice. But, do I boycott the stadium forever? To what end? Am I hurting those with ill-gotten gains at that point? I don't really think so.

So, go Colts! I hope they win, and I hope it's a great game. I'm going with great friends for pre-game fun, and for the game itself. That's what matters.

Monday, January 03, 2011

New Podcast, At Last

Without further ado, here's a link to "This Podcast Could Be Your Life".

It's a little over an hour long, and like a lot of first shows, there's some 'splainin' going on, mixed in with Big Respect to Mike Watt, a bucket list report, part of an interview with Steve Wainstead, music from fIREHOSE, and I found time to drink a beer.

If so inclined, you can subscribe on the page, and it will send every episode to your iTunes. Yeah, automation!