Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Market Reacts More Swiftly Than Legislation

I was fascinated by this Indy Star report on the sales at Don's Guns in the aftermath of the awful shootings in Arizona.
Since Saturday's deadly shooting in Arizona, Don's Guns in Indianapolis has run out of a magazine that enables Glock pistols to fire extra rounds.

"We sold out, just since that happened," owner Don Davis said. He has ordered more and expects the resupply to sell quickly. The rush to buy the accessories, he said, probably is motivated by fears that lawmakers will try to limit magazine capacity in the wake of the shootings.
The thing the article didn't do was talk to customers. I would be interested to know why they rushed to buy. I suspect that many are buying because they see an investment opportunity of sorts, as if the clips are banned, they become more scarce, and therefore sometimes more valuable. But the other buyers?