Wednesday, March 16, 2005

NCAA Picks

A pool circulated around the office on NCAA picks, so I threw in my lot. Here are my winners:

Round 1, Chicago

#1 Illinois
#2 Oklahoma St.
#3 Arizona
#4 Boston College
#12 Wisconsin-Milwaukee over #5 Alabama (first upset pick!)
#6 LSU
#10 St. Mary's CA over #7 So. Illinois (can't really call this an upset pick)
#9 Nevada over #8 Texas

Round 1, Albuquerque

#1 Washington
#2 Wake Forest
#3 Gonzaga
#4 Louisville
#12 George Washington over #5 Georgia Tech (I like the #12's)
#6 Texas Tech
#7 West Virginia
#9 Pittsburgh over #8 Pacific

Round 1, Austin

#1 Duke
#2 Kentucky
#3 Oklahoma
#13 Vermont over #4 Syracuse (Everybody needs one crazy upset pick.)
#5 Michigan St.
#6 Utah
#7 Cincinnati
#8 Stanford

Round 1, Syracuse

#1 North Carolina
#2 U Conn
#3 Kansas
#4 Florida
#12 New Mexico over #5 Villanova (another #12!)
#6 Wisconsin
#10 NC State over #7 Charlotte
#9 Iowa St. over #8 Minnesota

My Final Four: Illinois, Louisville, Duke, U Conn.
My Final matchup: Illinois-Duke
My Champion: Duke

Let's see how this shakes out.
Tuesday Boortz Poll

Syndicated talk radio host Neal Boortz hosted a poll on his webpage yesterday regarding Republicans and limited government. Interesting comments:
Yesterday we had a poll right here on Nealz Nuze. The question was "Do you think Republicans are still committed to the concepts of smaller government and individual liberty?" Only 13% of the people who responded said yes. A not-surprising 87% said no.

Hey ... I'm with the 87%. At this point anyone who actually thinks that the Republican Party has any intention whatsoever to shrink the size of the massive, bloated Imperial Federal Government of the United States is living in a dreamland. Republicans or Democrats .. doesn't matter. Government will continue to grow and personal liberties will continue to fade. Are there advantages with either party? At least the Republicans recognize that cutting taxes actually increases government revenue, and the Republicans seem to be willing to protect our nation and our interests. In times like these when the terrorist threat is so great, this is a huge plus for the Republican side. We may end up as slaves to the massive federal bureaucracy, but at least we'll be safer, not safe ... just safer ... from Islamic goon squads.

But what about freedom and smaller government. The answer is as it was. The Libertarian Party.

What's true here in Indiana is true nationally. This why so many fiscal conservatives and former Republicans come to the Libertarian Party and tell me, "I didn't leave the Republican Party. The Republican Party left me".
The Latest Liberal Republican From Hamilton County

Today's award goes to State Senator Luke Kenley of Noblesville. He has taken the lead in the Legislature to craft a bill for socialized football. From the Indy Star:
"We're kind of in the third quarter of this game and we're running out of time-outs," said Senate Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee Chairman Luke Kenley, referring to the planned April 29 end of the year's General Assembly session. The Noblesville Republican has organized a working group of city, state and Colts officials that will meet today to begin hammering out a bill.
Kenley used a lot of football jargon, so I will too. The right thing to do would be to go back to the huddle.

I don't object to legislators getting involved to create a group that will produce a stadium. That would be exactly the right thing to do, getting investors together who would create a private company and build the stadium with private funds.

Unfortunately, what passes for leadership these days is spearheading a team of cronies who conspire to produce new laws that take taxpayer dollars and redistribute them to favored citizens. Kenley has worked hard to position himself as a fiscal conservative, but this proves plainly that he is no such thing.

Luke Kenley is just another one of the many liberal Hamilton County Republicans.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Another Uncredited Joke

I really would like to provide a link and credit to the magazine who published this joke, recently circulating by email. Alas. Enjoy!

Three politicians in a bar were discussing where they liked their wives to be during sex.
The Republican said, "On the bottom, of course, as God intended."
The Libertarian said, "I see nothing wrong with the woman being on top."
The Democrat said, "I prefer my wife to be out of town."