Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Letters to the Editor V

The Indy Star printed one of mine today, urging Libertarians and independents to crash the primary party and have an effect on things.

In case there is any confusion, you should know that any registered voter, even if you are not a Democrat or Republican, has the right to participate in the primary election. In past years, I would often just show up, sign the book, and go home. I find it more satisfying now to identify a David Orentlicher as a socialist and to vote in the Democratic primary against him, tallying for his opponent. If enough of us do this, his primary numbers drop, his confidence sags, and he looks at how he has to re-tool his message away from socialism and back towards some modicum of common sense.

Another strategy for Libertarians is to vote in a Republican primary for candidate who appear that they would be vulnerable in November to our message of less taxes and smaller government.

In sum, there is no reason not to vote. You can exercise you conscience even if your first choices aren't available until November.