Sunday, June 01, 2003

A Just and Noble Cause

Edward Bowers, a California libertarian, is promoting the week of June 8-15 as the week to buy a particular book so as to try to pump the best-seller statistics, at least for a week. The book is called, "Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do" by Peter McWilliams.

Medical marijuana isn't any kind of passion of mine, probably because I don't use the stuff. But Mr. McWilliams died because his government banned a product that, had he been taking it, he probably would have been alive today. If you puke every time you take food or swallow a pill you need to fight cancer, you will die quickly. Marijuana helps people keep food- and pills- down.

Most people who promote the War On Drugs tend to cite their belief in the morality of keeping harmful substances away from people.

In this case, clearly, marijuana was anything but a harmful substance. Was morality promoted by the death of Peter McWilliams? Maybe it's time, at long last, for a new policy. Maybe it's time for the drug warriors to consider weather or not Americans own themselves.

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