Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Great Boost!

It was a real thrill for me to get the news that my pal Brad Klopfenstein, a Libertarian candidate for City-County Council here in Indy, earned the endorsement of the F.O.P. The Indy Star has already published a story on the web, which should appear in tomorrow's print edition.

Who knew that the F.O.P. would even consider endorsing a Libertarian?

I ran what I thought of as very good news past a local LP member, and he told me that he was not impressed. He expressed concern that the endorsement of the F.O.P. could send the signal to local party members a shift away from principle.

I think it's terrific to receive the F.O.P.'s nod. It may as easily signal that they are coming around to our principles, that we have made our case convincingly, and that we Libertarians are credible and worthy of support.

I'm not sure which principle he meant. Consistently losing races, perhaps?

See, I'm very interested in conveying credibility to those who haven't voted LP in the past. An endorsement like this can only help convey credibility across party lines in a way few other tools can. It can prompt the timid voter to finally pull that LP lever. After all, we belong to a political party- and not a debate society- for the purpose of electing candidates. What sense is there in scorning an endorsement? What sense is there in preaching only to the choir? Bollocks!

So, rah-rah Brad. I hope you win a seat on the Council because I know that you are the kind of prinicpled man that should be on the Council.

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