Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Dean vs. Goliath

Howard Dean vs. George W. Bush? No, I'm talking about a real David- Dean Barkley. Fortunately, the local media is really starting to talk about Mr. Barkley, Libertarian candidate for Carmel, IN Mayor, this way.

Last night's Fox 59-TV coverage of Dean Barkley's run for Mayor was nothing but positive, showing him as the reluctant but determined candidate, a simple small business owner who was one of many who were left out of the process by a Republican Mayor who really didn't care if his city's road project negatively impacted them. (Fox 59 has a teaser on their website on 'The Construction Candidate', but not a full story, sadly.)

This morning's Indianapolis Star has a feature on Dean in their Hamilton County section. It tells the story nicely.

The Mayor raised some $240,000 for the primary, and is now gearing up to raise more money. If raising money is the name of the game, Mayor Jim Brainard may be in for a bit of a shock. While Barkley's campaign manager says that they look to raise about $50,000, I am betting that they can raise every bit as much as Brainard (meaing six figures plus), so thorough is the dissatisfaction among Republicans and among small business owners, who would have been less surprised and disappointed if Brainard's big government and heavy-handed tendencies came from a Democrat. Alas, the Republicans are revealed as being just about the same.

This is going to be very exciting to watch, as Barkley loads the slingshot with stones.

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