Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Nader Confirmed Off Ballot in Indiana
aka Civics Lesson 2

No surprise here. Last week, the Nader team figured to be about 21,000 signatures short of the needed 30,000. Dallas Stoner (no, really) confirmed this to the Indy Star.

Interestingly, Stoner claimed the police to be a large factor in their failure, accusing officers of hassling them as they tried to collect signatures on public sidewalks. Stoner was on the Broad Ripple sidewalk as Libertarian presidential candidate Michael Badnarik was in the Rock Lobster, while some of Badnarik's underage supporters were out on the same sidewalk as they were barred from entry (see item below).

It was reported to me today that Stoner and other Naderites found themselves amongst the Libertarian crowd and began to talk politics. The conversation ended up with Stoner putting his name on the LPIN's email list.

The Naderites often cite their fear of corporate power as a compelling interest while happily neglecting the threat of governmental power. No corporate power is keeping Nader off the ballot. Government power is doing that. Remember that the government that is big enough to smash the corporate goliath is also able to erect barriers designed to keep a gadfly off the ballot. One Naderite learned that lesson completely last night.

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