Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Signs Available!

Well, they say that timing is everything, so who am I to argue?

I have yard signs and bumper stickers supporting Michael Badnarik and Richard Campagna, the Libertarian candidates for President and Vice President, ready and available for Hamilton County members, free of charge.

Let's challenge the laws in Fishers and Noblesville and support our team at the same time. There is no downside- if the law is not enforced, it may as well not exist, and you exercise your rights to free speech and property. If the law is enforced, we get free publicity for the county party and the Presidential ticket.

Contact me with your request for a sign and bumper sticker by email: mikekole@insightbb.com. I'll deliver, but you have to be an Libertarian Party of Indiana member. Now's a good time to renew your membership if it has lapsed, or to become a member if you had been thinking about doing so/

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