Thursday, September 30, 2004

Presidential Candidate to Visit Noblesville

Libertarians from Indiana, and even central Illinios and Ohio will have a chance to meet and support LP Presidential candidate and native Hoosier Michael Badnarik in Noblesville this Saturday, October 2 at 7:00pm. Badnarik will be winding down his 2-day tour through Indiana at Lutz's Steakhouse on SR32 about halfway between downtown Noblesville and Westfield. The event is free and open to the public, although there is a suggested minimum donation of $25. There will be a cash bar and hors d'eouvers. While not required (anyone can drop in!) the state party is looking for RSVPs from those planning to attend. Call 317-920-1994.

Several other LP candidates and officials will be on hand, including Michael's mother, Elaine Badnarik. Elaine is the LP's candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

I'm glad that Badnarik is coming here now, because here we are in the thick of the campaign season, and national issues aren't being as hotly discussed in Indiana as they are in Ohio, Florida, Iowa, and New Mexico. Nothing wrong with Indiana, but everything wrong with how campaigns wind down, and a bit of a criticism of the Electoral College system. Both Bush and Kerry know via polls that Indiana is a red state. Nothing Kerry does or says will change this, so he has given up on campaigning here. Bush is comfortable enough that he won't bother campaigning here either. It makes perfect sense for them to chase after the close states and ignore the ones that are certain. There is no advantage in taking a 60-40 victory in Indiana and turn it into a 70-30 win. It's still 11 electoral votes, and Bush and Kerry know they belong to Bush. Great strategy, but not so great for a population to be utterly ignored by the top of the ticket. Thank goodness for Badnarik.

It will be interesting to hear the issues he chooses to discuss. He doesn't seem to favor any one over another. If I had my druthers, I'd have him hammer away on taxes, spending, and the economy. We'll see.

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