Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Running in '06!

It may seem incredibly premature, but I have declared my candidacy for Secretary of State in 2006.

Why so early? This is the single most important race to the Libertarian Party of Indiana, as it is the ballot access race. The LP's SoS candidate must earn at least 2% of the vote in order to assure automatic ballot access for the subsequent four years. I have no doubts about the ability to get 2%, either for myself or my party. After all Rebecca Sink-Burris got 4% in 2002.

My top objective is to become the prohibitive favorite to win the nomination as early as possible. In this way, the efforts behind this race become unified and focused as early as possible. No sense diverting time, energy, and dollars just in an attempt to win the nomination at the April '06 convention. I'd like to make it so that none will take an interest in facing off against me. To secure it early, I will have to built a top-notch team and build a formidible war chest. I can do these things now without interfering with current campaigns, looking for support from family and friends who are not involved in '04 campaigns.

First blush campaign goals: New records for an LPIN candidate in a statewide race: Minimum 10% finish, minimum $100,000 raised, minimum 10 new county affiliates brought aboard.

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