Sunday, October 17, 2004

Gividen at the Debate

After all of the wrangling about trying to be included in the second Indiana Gubernatorial debate, the event has now come and gone, and Libertarian Kenn Gividen acquitted himself well. First impressions time.

Two main differences come immediately to mind:
  • Kenn is the only candidate running a clean campaign
  • Kenn is the only candidate willing to say that he stands for cutting the size and cost of government
It was incredible that, given how badly negative campaigning is perceived by the public, Daniels (R) and Kernan (D) launched into negativity in their opening statements. They never relented. Gividen was left standing as the one running squarely on the strength of his ideas, and the one who flung no mud. During the debate, he quipped, "Now you can see why they put me between these two guys".

Daniels surprised me with his willingness to leave the possibility of raising taxes on the table when faced with the problem of repairing the budget deficit. Kernan did not surprise me by dancing around the question of how to pay for things.

Kenn's closing statements were terrific. He used the analogy of two cars on the wrong side of the road representing the Democrats and Republicans. One is going slower than the other, but both are going the wrong way. He made the case that for anyone wanting real changes, a vote for Ds or Rs is the real wasted vote, and that the only way to send the message is to vote for him and to vote Libertarian.

Couldn't agree more.

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