Wednesday, December 01, 2004

A Hockey Puck in the Desert

With the NHL in day 75 of its' lockout situation and the temperatures dropping, I've really begun missing watching hockey on TV. So, it was a very pleasant surprise to be channel surfing this evening and to happen upon a St. Louis feed to Fox Sports.

There, in fuzzy splendor was a re-run of an original CBC broadcast of Game Five of the 1986 Norris Division semi-finals between the Blues and Minnesota North Stars!

Egad, the players I hadn't seen play in ages- former NHL Cleveland Baron Dennis Maruk; young Dino Cicerelli and Brian Bellows; promising prospects that never emerged, like Brian Lawton and Doug Wickenhiser; future NHL head coaches Craig Hartsberg and Curt Giles; yeoman players that ended their careers in the minors such as Greg Paslawski and Scott Bjugstad; the coming-out party of Doug Gilmour, with a five assist game.

Thanks, FSN! I felt like a man in the desert who found an artesian well. I miss the NHL. I hope all involved come to their senses soon enough to salvage a season.

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