Thursday, December 09, 2004

More Hockey Fill-In

As with last Wednesday, I enjoyed another replay of some old-time hockey with FoxSports Midwest's airing of a 1986 St. Louis Blues playoff game. With the NHL lockout appearing to be an endless proposition, these re-runs have been a welcome sight.

This time, the Blues won Game Seven of the Norris Division Finals, defeating Toronto 2-1. More observations on how the game has changed:

There were two fights... during power plays... in the first period! In today's NHL, you wouldn't see two fights in a playoff game at all, unless it was late in the game and something stupid inspired it. These were just de rigeur scraps.
The goalie equipment was so small! And the pads were brown leather! No team colors on the pads.
The games were desperately played, with an emphasis on offense. Today's playoff games only have that feel when it's a one-goal game and in the latter half of the third period.
A Sutter was on the ice instead of behind the bench.

FoxSports will show more games so long as the lockout continues:

2004-05 FSN Midwest Schedule of Classic Blues Games
Air Date Time (CT) Game Game Date
Wed., Nov. 24 7 p.m. Pittsburgh at St. Louis April 14, 1981
Wed., Dec. 1 7 p.m. St. Louis at Minnesota April 15, 1986
Wed., Dec. 8 7 p.m. Toronto at St. Louis April 30, 1986
Wed., Dec. 15 7 p.m. Calgary at St. Louis May 12, 1986
Wed., Dec. 22 7 p.m. Detroit at St. Louis April 16, 1991
Wed., Dec. 29 7 p.m. Detroit at St. Louis Jan. 23, 1993
Wed., Jan. 5 7 p.m. St. Louis at Toronto Nov. 29, 2000
Fri., Jan. 14 7 p.m. Dallas at St. Louis May 3, 2001

Missed that old Pens' game, when they still wore blue uni's, prior to the Mario Lemiuex era, but I won't miss that game with Calgary!

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