Monday, February 07, 2005

Boredom Follow-up

The NFL's choice of a halftime performer was designed to reduce complaints to the FCC. Mission accomplished. According to Fox Sports:
"Last year, Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" resulted in more than
500,000 complaints to the Federal Communications Commission.

This year, Paul McCartney's halftime performance resulted in just two ...
by viewers who found the show to be far less titillating than last

Boring. Boring, dreadful, dreary, and awful. Last year's show was dreadful and awful, but at least it was interesting.


Al said...

What, the greatest songwriter in the history of pop music wasn't good enough for you?

Whaddya want, a rubber biscuit? Seriously, what do you WANT?

Mike Kole said...

I wanted excitement. Sure, McCartney's a great songwriter, but frankly, I don't want a great songwriter for the Super Bowl. If I wanted that, well, why not Burt Bacharach?