Thursday, March 31, 2005

Colts Have Solved Funding Dilemma

Minor problem: They probably don't know it. The Colts released the results of a survey they conducted. As quoted in the Indy Star:
The study said 43 percent of the respondents from northeast Indiana said they would be willing to spend $40 annually to ensure the Colts remained in Indiana. In southeast Indiana it was 38 percent and in southwest Indiana it was one-third, according to a document posted on the team's Web site.
The Colts have found the people willing to fund the project. Get their money. They want you to have it! All the Colts have to do is contact those people again, and have them send the money in. Meanwhile, leave the rest of us alone!

No doubt, the Colts used these figures to begin to help justify taxation. They still have a majority opposed to them, by their own figures. No to the taxes!


robertLP said...

Glad to see you're finally allowing if we could just get you on an RSS feed we'd be all set!

Mike Kole said...

Glad to finally get them going. Now then- what's an RSS feed?

LP Mike Sylvester said...

I am a huge Colts fan. That being said, this stadium needs to be funded by those groups that will benefit from The Colts, not the taxpayers at large. Once a proposal is put together it would be nice if it was put to the tax payers for a vote.

Mike Sylvester