Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Don't Let The Door Hit You

Tonight is Dan Rather's last telecast. When Rather announced that he was leaving, I thought that after years of not watching network news, and with him and Brokaw both leaving, I would give the networks another shot.

I did. Once. I quickly remembered why I stopped watching. Most of what they air just doesn't strike me as news that matters. Since they are broadcasting to a national audience, I expect issues of national importance to be covered. Wars, the Congress, the White House, the economy- these are all items of national importance.

Local weather events don't qualify, even if they are of great magnitude. Random acts of violence don't qualify, either. Yet, these make up the bulk of the reports. Thus, it's a waste of my time.

Like an increasing number of people on this planet, I get my news online. I go to news sites I like and in 10 seconds or less, I skim the headlines. If anything grabs my attention, I read the article. No waiting for a loathsome story on an ice storm in Wisconsin to pass. No yawns as a story about shootings in Mississippi drags along. I like to cut to the chase.

Rather's last broadcast doesn't interest me in the least.

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