Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hey, Look! A New Tax!

What? In Hamilton County? The most Republican county in the state of Indiana? Well, any more, that's precisely where I expect to find new taxes- where Republicans are involved.

The latest is a hike in property taxes in Fishers, where I live. Noblesville Ledger story. This will give a 5% bump to the schools. What's maddening about this is that the population growth alone should be sufficient to give the schools all they could ever want. As farmland converts to residential, the property tax collected skyrockets.

Here's the list of current tax hikes in the county that are soon to be voted on:

Countywide 1% food & beverage tax
Countywide wheel tax
Carmel 1% food & beverage tax
Fishers property tax increase
Fishers 1% food & beverage tax
Noblesville 1% food & beverage tax
Westfield1% food & beverage tax

Only Libertarian office holders will have a total commitment to keeping these taxes at bay. The Republicans are the ones who put them on the table.

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