Thursday, July 28, 2005

GOP Candidate School

I've seen news articles in the local papers about the Hamilton County Republican Party's candidate school. It's designed for students, to give them the insight into what it takes to be a candidate for office, and into how the process works. From the Noblesville Ledger:
Model County Government will be a five-month program designed to let students explore civics interactively. Participants will be divided into Federalist and Nationalist parties to learn how precinct committeemen and party leaders participate in and influence the election process.
Some highlights were left off this list. Allow me to fill in the blanks. Students will learn how to:
  • Campaign like a Libertarian, but govern like a Democrat
  • Vote against your conscience to placate your Governor
  • Face a room full of citizens who want you to vote 'nay' and then vote 'aye'- and not blink
  • Find ways to make other elected officials vote for a tax constructed in such a way that you benefit without having to go on record in favor of the tax
  • Accept campaign contributions from engineers and contractors and then steer work to them
  • Step on fellow party members as you climb up the ladder of personal power
I was wondering why it would take five months to show students how the system works. Well! It's not easy to show all the nuances of conniving in any less time than that! It's a bargain at $35.

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