Monday, July 11, 2005

Taking Action in Westfield

In trading emails with Town Council members, I have found that at least one intends to vote against the proposed food & beverage tax. If we can sway two more, we'll beat this thing in Westfield!

Check here for info on the pub crawl. In the meantime, write your letters or call your Councilor. Here's my letter, in Tuesday's Ledger:
The onward march of arrogant, elitist local Republican officials continues to plow over Hamilton County like a steamroller.

Despite significant popular opposition to any new taxes, the all-Republican councils for Hamilton County, Noblesville and Carmel have voted to enact individual 1 percent food and beverage taxes. ("Some have trouble digesting food, beverage tax" Page A16 July 1 Noblesville Ledger.)

Now it's Westfield's turn.

Westfield's council members have clearly attended the same GOP school of governance as Noblesville's and Carmel's councils. These cities are cramming
ordinances through the entire process, from announcement to vote, within a mere
seven days. This time frame makes it obvious that their intention is to minimize
organized opposition and public input.

Republicans have argued that the tax is really very small, and doesn't hurt terribly much, which makes it rather like getting hit on the head lightly with a ball peen hammer, then. You can take a few hits, but why on earth would you want to?

And there's the arrogance. Our councilors didn't bother to ask restaurant owners, workers or patrons whether or not these were hits we would like to take. They just feel that they know best, and that your job is to shut up and take it.

Join in showing support for the restaurants and taverns in Westfield by attending the public meetings, contacting the council members and by participating in the Libertarian Party's pub crawl Wednesday evening. It's time to stop this ravenous Republican tax machine in its tracks.

Mike Kole

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