Monday, July 18, 2005


Hello to those jumping over from the Club For Growth's Carnival of Capitalism! The Club For Growth performs a valuable service- backing fiscally conservative candidates for office. That's an increasingly difficult task. While conventional wisdom points pro-growth, anti-tax voters to the Republican Party, the actual policies enacted by elected Republicans makes some folks wonder what point there is to Democrats.

The Club is essentially doing what I am doing in my own way- working to steer candidates away from the intoxicating power of taxation and the spoils of looted tax dollars, and back to the principles this country was founded on: limited government and self-responsibility.

I do it a little differently, though. I have been thoroughly convinced by the Republicans themselves that they have no use for smaller government. I am a philosophical libertarian who is a Libertarian Party member, and Libertarian candidate for office. I'm running for Secretary of State, which is the Libertarian Party of Indiana's ballot access race. See for details.

If you have the time, scroll down through some of the posts from the last two months, where I chronicle the wreckage of Republican domination here in Hamilton County, IN.

This county enjoys the reputation of being the most Republican county in the state of Indiana, and yet the all-GOP County Council, and all-GOP city or town councils of Carmel, Noblesville, and Westfield have all passed new taxes within the last six weeks. Read the rhetoric of the elected Republicans. If you didn't know better, you might think you were seeing the words of Ted Kennedy of Nancy Pelosi.

Thanks for your visit! I hope you enjoy what you find here... at least in terms of my writing and the points I make.

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