Friday, September 16, 2005

Radio Reminder

I'll be joining Andy Horning on WXNT's Greg Browning show Saturday at 4pm. Andy's filling in for Greg Browning for the full show, from 3-6pm. Remember that if you want to listen from outside the greater Indy area, you can do so by getting the streamed signal from WXNT's website.


Michael said...

Would you say that Andy has decided to return to the fold after his brief foray to the dark side?

LP Mike Sylvester said...

I will listen!

Mike Kole said...

Michael, there's only so much Kool-Aid a guy can drink.

The GOP has proven time and again that it just isn't seriously interested in promoting liberty. They co-opt our star candidates from time to time, like Andy, but look at the Liberty Caucus and it's "successes". The growth rate can't even be charted.

The only way to bring the GOP around, if that's what one wishes to do, is to leave it, or at least threaten to leave it. If small government people keep voting Republican or donating to the GOP, the signal will be sent that there is no need to change policy. Tom DeLay can keep crowing absurdly that 'all the fat is cut'. No, you have to leave and force them to reclaim you.