Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Meeting Tonight

The Libertarian Party of Hamilton County will meet tonight at Barley Island in Noblesville, with the honorable Chair Rob Place presiding. Meeting start time is 7pm.

Two topics for discussion tonight: candidacies for 2006, and the proposed smoking ban in Carmel.

Update: Sneaky Carmel is at it again. They've already had the first reading of their smoking ordinance, at yesterday's inconvenient dinner time meeting.

Hat tip, Rob Beck.


Debbie said...

Yeah, the city of Jeffersonville down here in Clark County is doing the same thing. I have an entry on my blog where I attempt to go beyond the basic argument of private property rights and try to hit at the direct reasoning given by the councilperson who introduced the ordinance.

Mike Kole said...


I have added your item as a standalone entry, above.