Sunday, November 06, 2005

Blogcritics Pick Of The Week

I am honored that Blogcritics, an excellent dynamic blog site I contribute to, has chosen one of my recent entries as a Pick of the Week in their Politics category. The item is a re-cap on the trials and tribulations of speaking my mind off-topic on my blog while as a candidate for public office.

Follow this link to the entry on Blogcritics

Follow this link to the Blogcritics Picks of the Week page.

I have linked Blogcritics on my own blog nearly since I launched it. If you want to know what bloggers across the political spectrum are writing about, there's no better place to check in than Blogcritics.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mike! Congratulations!

Thanks for reading and posting on my blog.

Tremont was dead on Friday as yours truly doesn't know how to read a postcard correctly. My superhero name is Dyslexia. I'm certain of it.