Saturday, November 26, 2005

A Message To Geist Residents

Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate the time you will spend reading my thoughts.

I know that many of you would have something other than politics on your mind right now if it weren't for the Town of Fishers' attempt to forcibly annex you and your neighbors into the Town. The Holidays are upon us, and we would all rather think of our families first. But politics matters most when it hits close to home, and there is nothing closer to home than your home itself.

It has always been my position, and the Libertarian Party's position, that forced annexations are wrong. This was my position when Carmel was trying to forcibly annex Southwest Clay and Home Place. Voluntary annexations are perfectly acceptable, and there is no reason that the Town of Fishers could not have made overtures directly to Geist residents to ask if they wouldn't like to be annexed. If the people wanted to be a part of Fishers, there would be no need for a fight. So, it is distressing that my Town went straight for a hostile takeover approach.

I support your right to self-determination. The Town Councilors do not appear to respect that right.

Most of the effort in fighting a forced annexation has to happen from within the community defending itself. Outsiders cannot legally carry the petitions, for instance. However, you can count on me to do everything within my power to defend the people of Geist, and to assist their efforts towards self-determination.

I will assist when you are petitioning by running hot coffee and cocoa to the petitioners. I will make sure you have meeting places for before and after "door-to-door" days, with refreshments for the petitioners. I will be sure that rides are provided for those who need them, to get to meetings or other activities.

One important thing I offer is political pressure. It is important that I am a Libertarian candidate for office, because I can provide a consistent voice of political support.

Keep in mind that one of the Town Councilors is Charlie White, the Republican County Chair. It is a political risk for any of the Town Councilors to take a position contrary to his, so you cannot expect them to do so. Likewise, your Township Trustee, who should be very much on you side, might be be reluctant to oppose the County Chair who signs the papers that allows them to run for that position. The threat of the unelection of the Trustee and replacement with a Libertarian who backs the residents of Geist, who are Fall Creek Township residents and voters, can be key in breaking the uniform Republican position.

As we all know, it's all about money. So, if you want to put pressure directly on the Republican County Chair, you could make a statement he could really understand by transferring your local political support from the Republican Party to the Libertarian Party. See if he doesn't become more receptive to your point of view.

I am a reluctant politician. In a better world, it wouldn't be necessary to try to bring public policy back to where our nation's Founding Fathers began, where the consent of the governed was an unquestioned American guiding principle. The two major parties, and the Republican Party here at home, have strayed far from principles such as self-determination, smaller government, and lower taxes. But they have strayed, so I am a Libertarian, and I am a candidate for office.

I have supported the residents of Geist from the beginning. I will be with you throughout your effort to resist forced annexation, until a successful conclusion. You can count on me.


LP Mike Sylvester said...

Forced annexation seems to be the norm all over Indiana. When 2006 rolls around Fort Wayne will have annexed over 60,000 people in the last few years.

It is a little amazing to me that Hamiton COunty, arguably the MOST Republican County in Indiana is so in favor of annexation.

I remember (So long ago) when then Republicans were for smaller government. Those days are long gone...

The annexations in Fort Wayne were approved by a Republican City Council and signed into law by a Republican mayor...

GadFlier said...

Forced annexation is the norm all over Indiana because the Republican party is now just a wing of the Democratic party, ideologically. It all started with the Republican "Southern Strategy"--drawing disaffected southern racists (who used to be hardcore Democrats) to the Republican party over dislike of civil rights legislation.

This backfired. These self-same formerly Democrat racists still adhered to the handout mentality of the Democratic party. Thus, while the Republican party might have gained the Southern vote, they did so at the expense of repudiating fundamental Republican principles of fiscal responsibility and small government.

Indiana is dominated by the Republican party, and the doctrines of the Republican party are now to increase the power of government without limit (cf., "Patriot" act) and increase government spending without limit--Bush has not vetoed a single spending bill, after all.