Thursday, December 08, 2005

Glad I Don't Smoke!

I am also glad that I don't own a bar or restaurant, for the same reasons. The smoking ban craze has now hit Chicago. From the State Journal-Register report:
The Chicago City Council approved a ban on smoking in nearly all public places Wednesday but gave taverns and bars located inside restaurants until the middle of 2008 to comply.

The ban, which takes effect Jan. 16, also applies to places such as stadiums, nursing homes, shopping malls, city vehicles, taxicabs, convention halls and schools.

I figure whichever Midwestern city is left allowing smoking in 2007 is going to gobble up the lion's share of this region's convention business. Too bad that won't be Indy.

Credit where credit is due: I learned of Chicago's ban via Jacob Sullum's entry on Reason Hit & Run. It's a great group blog. If you haven't checked it out, I recommend it. Snappy wit throughout.


GadFlier said...

Antismoker = Taliban
Antismoker = Nazi

These bans are identical to the policies of the Taliban and the Nazi party (Hitler was a vegetarian who hated tobacco use). Likewise, it is instructive that these neonazi laws are enacted in Democrat-dominated areas. Democrats are innately and inherently fascists. Scratch a Democrat, reveal a Nazi.

Mike Kole said...

Actually, this issue cuts across major party lines.

The all-Republican Carmel City Council, in one of Indiana's most Republican cities within Indiana's most Republican counties, just passed a smoking ban by a 6-1 count.

The Greenfield City Council, featuring 6 Republicans and 1 Democrat, passed a smoking ban by a 5-2 margin.

Had the Republicans voted against the ban in Indianapolis along party lines, the measure would have been defeated.

While I am not going to go as far as to label as you did, there is no denying that both parties enjoy intruding into our lives and dictating behavior.