Sunday, March 12, 2006

Can't Afford It?

Let me see if I got this straight. Earlier this week, the Colts got $120+ million in naming rights for the unbuilt stadium. Today, Edgerrin James signs with the Cardinals- because the Colts can't afford it? From ESPN's report:
The 27-year-old James played the 2005 season with the Colts under the one-year qualifying offer for a franchise tailback. Indianapolis officials had made it clear they could not afford to bring James back for another season, and the Colts likely will look to the draft for a replacement.
Did Mr. Irsay just blow all the money on the biggest whopping party since Sodom & Gommorah? How on earth could the Colts not afford to bring James back?

Mind boggling. It gets harder and harder to be a Colts fan. From the Indy Star report:
"If you look at our record, when Edgerrin's played, it's spectacular,'' Dungy about the veteran running back, who joined with Manning and receiver Marvin Harrison to form the Colts' highly acclaimed "Triplets."

With James in the lineup, the Colts posted a 70-26 regular-season record. Without him, they're 7-9.

"That says something about his value,'' Dungy said.

Agreed. Which makes it maddening to not have him back. Oh well, light another cigar with a $100 bill, Mr. Irsay.


Todd S. said...

For what it's worth, I like the move. James had a ton of carries last year and is likely to be much less effective next year. I think this has more to do with historical trends in aging running backs than it does money.

Rick Ehlin said...

he's only 27 and missed a full year of hits when out with his knee injury, which is no problem now.

Kevin said...

I think this has more to do with the salary cap, than anything else.

Todd S. said...

More info about the historical decline of oft-used running backs here:

Could James be an exception? It's possible. But I'm glad Polian didn't roll the dice on that bet.

Rick Ehlin said...

i'm familiar with the "trend" of older backs losing steam, but that usually happens once 30 years old hits. And as I stated before edge has missed a full season of contact and is notorious for not really getting hit (falling before the big hits come). It may have saved the colts some money, but also cost them any chance at a title.

Mike Kole said...

You'll have to forgive me, because I grew up in Cleveland, where the great Jim Brown retired after the 1964 NFL Championship Game. It was the end of his 9th season. Everyone in Cleveland will remind you that Jim Brown, aged 32, walked away from the NFL in *his prime*.

Now, Brown might be the exception, because at age 47 he was tempted to play for the Raiders, but Edge did not look to me like a man burning out this season. I don't think a two-year deal would have been any sort of gamble at all.

Todd S. said...

Just curious...what makes you think he would have signed a two-year deal? Also, there were some statistical trends showing that Edge was less effective in the second half of the season. I'm a bit too lazy to look them up, though, considering that the horse is already out of the barn.

Time will tell.