Monday, June 19, 2006

Geist United Golf Outing

Today I attended the Geist United Opposition's golf fundraiser at Ironwood Golf Course. I didn't play, as the organizers asked me to be the judge for the hole-in-one contest hole, which was sponsored by Ed Martin, with the prize being a snazzy new red Nissan.

The joke was that I should have been standing by the pin. As the referee, I had to verify any hole-in-one, so I stood to the right of the green, near a stand of trees. I had four shots land within 15 feet of me. Something about the contest hole makes good golfers' shots sail wide.

This was a nice event, with 30 golfers and about 8 volunteers. I distributed my logo golf balls to all, and they were very well received. Unique, as campaign items go. GUO raised more money for their legal opposition to the forced annexation attempts by the Town of Fishers.

The golf balls are a little washed out in this photo, but they are truly first class. Libertarian Tim Oatess of the Image Edge produced them for the campaign. They will be available to supporters via the website very soon!


LP Mike Sylvester said...

That is a very interesting idea.

Golf Balls.

I never considered those.

Mike Sylvester

Tom Britt said...

Mike, thanks for the support and for the golf balls. I think you won some votes yesterday.