Wednesday, June 07, 2006

How's Your Poker Face?

As many of you know, I enjoy playing poker. I have no idea if I have a good poker face or not. Here are some funny commercials from pros that were rejected by TV networks for air. Link.

I don't know- I think the one with Eric Siedel is airable.

Just a reminder: For those wanting to host a fundraiser at their home, I'm delighted to do Texas Hold 'Em nights.

Hold 'Em is an easy event to run because of its structure. There is no buy-in because that would be illegal gambling. There is a donation to the campaign, and then we play for fun using chips. You can find out whether or not I have a good poker face.

I'm available to do this almost every Friday night from now until Election Day. Contact Jenn Bradshaw by email to set it up.


Jeff Pruitt said...


My apologies for hijacking this thread but I've enjoyed your posts about your vision for the Indiana libertarian party in the past and I wanted to get your take on something.

Markos from has an interesting post about what it means to be a "libertarian democrat" and how he believes this is the future of the democratic party. He makes some interesting points about freedom, government and corporations.

I thought I'd share it with you in the hopes of getting your thoughts on where he might be right/wrong on his characterization of the libertarian voter and more importantly about where the similarity/differences lie between the Indiana libertarian party and his characterization of "libertarian democrats"

Jeff Pruitt said...

Sorry, here's the correct link

Kos' Libertarian Democrat Post

Mike Kole said...

Jeff- Well, Kos delivers exactly what I'm used to from the left- a series of insults for my Libertarian Party. That's ok. I'm used to having to get past that. Once we do, we see that the term 'libertarian' is being fought over by both left and right. Interesting that Kos things it's worth owning, just as Mitch Daniels does. And from that, others who think themselves 'libertarian' in some way are supposed to vote other than Libertarian.

Anyhow, it's worthy of its' own post.