Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Campaigning in LaPorte County

Tuesday found me back up in LaPorte. The first stop was for a sandwich and conversation at the Nowhere Bar & Grille, with owners Ted and Helen Pfauth. They serve an excellent shaved prime rib sandwich!

Standing outside the Nowhere Bar & Grille with Helen & Ted Pfauth

Ted was one of the golfers at the ILBA event on Monday. We talked there and he invited me to stop by the next time I was in LaPorte. I told him I would see him tomorrow, then. That surprised him, but I was going to the Fair anyway.

I had spoken with Ted about the issues that affect his business, and he's clear that the Republicans and Democrats have failed him, and that Libertarians are the only ones talking about defending small business and property rights. He wanted to know where Libertarians stand on gun issues, because he feels that the GOP is letting him down here, too. I told him we are very plain about it, we back the 2nd Amendment and the Indiana Constitution without reservation, that you have the right to own a gun and to use it in self-defense, but you may never initiate force with it. I don't think he had ever heard as straightforward an answer as this before.

There were many Libertarian candidates that will be on the LaPorte County ballot staffing the booth along with several supporters, and I was delighted to be with them again, handing out balloons and bumper stickers.

From left, 2003 candidate for Mayor of LaPorte Mike Lysak, candidate for Indiana House District 9 Andy Wolf, candidate for LaPorte County Council District 4 Mike Sanders, candidate for Indiana House District 20 Greg Kelver, and candidate for Center Township Board Fred Lutterman.

Balloons to pass out and babies to kiss. I'm holding Fred Lutterman's grandson, Ben Dubbs.

Here's a link to the LaPorte County Libertarians' website, and to their candidates.

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