Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Election Follies, Part Six

It is July 25, 2006. I have a hearing today before the Indiana Elections Division. The reason is that I filed late- in January, 2005.

If I have to pay a fine for being late, so be it. I was late. It was an honest mistake. I went to visit my son for his birthday. Alex was living in Spain at the time, and he was first on my mind. The Committee to Elect Mike Kole was in its' infancy, and I was managing all the paperwork. We have a team that does this now. Major thanks to Ken Johnson!

I was a few days late, and will likely be fined on a per-day basis. So, can I get a $10/day reduction in the fine for every day that passed beyond one year of the filing date?

Probably not. It would mean the Division would be owing me money. So, why is it that the deadlines and timeliness are to be followed as a matter of law, but timeliness on the part of the Division is a joke? Shouldn't the Division be accountable on this in some way? I'll be accountable for being late, which is as it should be. It should be a two-way street.

Update: The hearing was delayed by 40 minutes, because one Election Commission member failed to arrive on time. Yep- we get fined for being late, the Commission or the Division is late? Laughs.

At any rate, being that this was my first time before the Commission, it was moved and passed that my fine should be reduced from the proposed $1,000 to $250, plus $2.50 postage costs.

The late filing was my mistake, so I want my supporters and contributors to know that the fine will be paid by me, out of my pocket. Your contributions will not be used to pay for my rookie mistake.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Five whole dollars! Convening a commision, transportation cost, time off work (probably 100x $5). Talk about inefficient government! No wonder our state can't balance their books.

Mike Kole said...

Hold the phones. That is a typo on my part. The fine was reduced to $250.00, not $2.50, plus $2.50 postage. So, my total fine is $252.50.

Sorry about that error!