Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Letter From Ted Kennedy

I got a fundraising letter today from Ted Kennedy. Boy, talk about not knowing your audience. His letter is stumping for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Maybe Ted just doesn't know that the Democrats wussed out on Indiana, filing no candidate to challenge Dick Lugar. Maybe he doesn't know that I'm a candidate in the Libertarian Party's ballot status race. Maybe Ted Kennedy has more money to spend than sense.

The letter is an full-scale attack on George Bush. I don't like attacks that come without stating what you would do differently. Four pages of attacks on Bush especially, but also Karl Rove, Rick Santorum, and Katherine Harris. Not one word about what the Democrats would do differently if they controlled the Senate.

The envelope included a window sticker that reads, "Had Enough? Vote Democrat in '06". While I wouldn't mind seeing a good many Senate Republicans packing, I have no interest whatsoever in replacing them with Democrats. I want them replaced with Libertarians.


Michael said...

Democrats, Republican...what's the difference? I can't see any. Replacing them with my fellow libertarians would be s step in the right direction. Barring that I'll settle for replacing the Republicrats with enough Democrats to result in gridlock. The Republicans have overstretched themselves and put on some ugly makeup with their shennanigans since the takeover. Spending their time pursuing non-issues, getting into peoples personal lives and hosing taxpayers to pay for private business makes them attractive? Nope.
Turn all of them out and replace them with NOTA. We need a couple of years of peace and quiet.

Andrew Kaduk said...


Check out Al Gore's fine addition to the DSCC publicity dragnet:


It's awfully amusing. I've got one from John Edwards too!

Mike Kole said...

Andrew- I attended the meeting of the LaPorte County Libertarians, and LPIN US Senate candidate Steve Osborn happened to be there.

To the amusement of all present, especially because the Dems do not have a candidate for US Senate, I presented Steve with my letter from Ted Kennedy.

Now, if you want to talk about the 17th Amendment and the "direct" election of US Senators, this might be the place to start the conversation.