Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hagerstown Report

Rex & Susan Bell hosted their fifth annual garage sale this weekend, and it was another large event. The areas on and around SR 38 through Henry and Wayne Counties have huge garage, yard, and barn sales, and the Bells take part, with the whole extended family.

With Hannah and Grandpa Rex Bell. Love Hannah's onesie!

I was relieved of cotton candy making duties this year, and left just to greet bargain hunters and discuss Libertarian politics with those so inclined.

Many were so inclined. Many cited disappointment with the Republicans since Mitch Daniels took office. They repeatly expressed the expectation that taxes would be lower. Many pointed to the big cash windfall from Major Moves and the eagerness to spend it, rather than return it to the taxpayers. I spoke less here than at any event in recent weeks. I didn't have to. I just kept listening and nodding in agreement.

Actually speaking, with folks from Henry County. Thanks to Rex for the picture.

The Wayne County Libertarians have always done well at the ballot box. I expect that will continue this November, with their best returns ever.

Big thanks to Rex & Susan, Ross, Gayle Bond, Cheryl & Marvin Heacox, and everyone else. I appreciate the consistent effort of the Wayne County folks, and appreciate their support of my campaign as well!

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