Thursday, September 14, 2006

Report From The Trail

No, not the Adirondack Trail, sadly. I'm so glad we took the family trip to the Adirondacks in August, because rumor is I will get to sleep a little bit over the next two months. It's just a rumor so far.

That's good, though! It means I'm very busy campaigning and sitting down with the media.

Tuesday: Met with the Indy Star Editorial Board, comprised of columnists Jane Lichtenberg and Dan Carpenter, plus Editorial writer Tim Swarens. This went very well. Carpenter has developed a keen interest in ballot access issues, and I have plenty to say about that. All three were interested in my position on the gerrymandering of districts in Indiana. I almost felt that the time wasn't contentious enough. Could it mean an endorsement? I'll be eager to see what is fit to print in the Star's candidate guide.

I later met with Nikki Kelly of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, down in the Statehouse basement. She really covered a lot of ground with her questions, including much about my reactions to the current Secretary of State's performance, recent press conferences and statements. I had some fun commenting on the Securities Division's new Newlyweds' Guide. I will also look forward to see what Ms. Kelly writes as the election draws nearer.

That evening, I attended a sloppy joe supper to benefit the Concerned Citizens of Home Place, who are fighting Carmel's unwanted attempt to forcibly annex the area. Isabel was a big hit eating sloppy joes. I was delighted to see Matt Milam wearing an NK Hurst "I Helped Save The Bean Plant" t-shirt. He gets the correlation between forced annexation and eminent domain abuse both as affronts to property rights and self-determination. Met many residents who were pleased to know that there are candidates who support their position. Also ran into David Orentlicher, the Representative for House Distrct 86. I had a great conversation with him, asking if he would be willing to sponsor legislation outlawing the practice of forced annexation in our state, and he said that he would! I would love for Libertarians to back David and any other legislators who will sponsor such law, as we did with the eminent domain law put forward by Dave Wolkins in the House and Senator Jeff Drozda.

Wednesday: Comcast was taping candidate presentations that will be aired systemwide on a program featuring the candidates who will be on the Marion County ballot. With my radio background, I'm always confident in my spoken delivery. TV's a different game, though. On my first take, I was a little too focused on my TV delivery and tripped over a word. I felt the overall result was 95% right, so I asked if I could do a second take. Comcast agreed, so I ran through again. I really nailed it this time. Problem was, the videotape ran out as I finished my last sentence! This brought huge laughs in the studio, and I was given another take, which I was happy with.

The Indy Chamber Hob Nob event happened later in the evening, and unfortunately, it was crafted to spotlight the candidates for Marion County Prosecutor. It's an important position to be sure, but the narrow focus on the few contests that are extremely close leaves me flat. The other offices are no less important, and with the focus off so many races, the public is missing out on important and interesting dialogue. The opportunity to meet Chamber business owners and so many media personalities cannot be topped. I really enjoyed speaking with and campaigning to these folks. I met the Democratic candidate for SoS for the first time, which is pretty astonishing when I think that I've been to nearly 200 events. Actually, I encountered would-be Green Party candidate Bill Stant more times this year than the 'D' and 'R' combined: 3 to 1.

After the Hob Nob, I joined the monthly Libertarian After Hours party a few blocks over at Bearno's. There was still a group of about 15 left when I got there, and conversation covered a wide range of topics, from Iraq to religion to all the nutty conspiracy theories proliferating about the events of September 11. We could really distribute a lot of tinfoil hats, I'm afraid.

Side Note: I was really disappointed at two things that happened at the Hob Nob. Someone made off with my display of golf balls towards the end of the night, even though I posted a sign saying that they were for display only. Also, someone trashed my display, using Democrat Joe Pearson's materials to cover all of mine. I have no belief whatsoever that any of Joe's people did this. I don't get why supporters of one political party would do something as childish and cowardly as to trash the materials of the candidates of two other parties. It really speaks poorly of whomever did it. This was the first time that anyone has treated me with disrepect on the trail in over two years of campaigning. I was really surprised and disappointed.

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