Friday, October 13, 2006

Wednesday Trail Report, Part 2

(The original post was too big for Blogger to post all the pictures!)

Yard signs in Kokomo. Dean's property and neighbors.

We left Ned's Corner Pub for Cedar Crest Lanes. The owner here has collected over 750 signatures of their patrons in protest of Kokomo's ban.

Kokomo clearly didn't ask the patrons. Bowling alley employees hold signed petitions.

Cedar Crest even has two sets of doors to seperate their bar from the bowling area. Prior to the ban, they created special smoke-free days and times, but report that this voluntary change in policy failed to attract crowds, otherwise they may have embraced it. They know who their customers are.

Kole yard signs outside the bowling alley.

We stopped at an IHOP on US 31 that had built in a separate smoking section that had its own ventilation system and had a door to close it off from the no-smoke section. This didn't make the grade with Kokomo, so IHOP simply keeps the door shut and the lights off in this section. It is completely unused. There is a newspaper in Kokomo that is missing a major news story, I tell you.

After Kokomo, we went over to Huntington for a dinner. Guests included Felix Aguilar (candidate for Indiana House District 50), and Doug Horner, host of the Fort Wayne TV show "Libertarian Perspectives". We talked campaign strategy at first, and then it all got very philosophical. I think Felix and Doug may have hung around for several hours after Kyle & I left.
Last stop was at the Indiana Wesleyan University campus in Marion, where the IWU College Libertarians invited me to speak at their regular meeting. This was my second meeting with this group, and they are as enthusiastic and active as ever. I was very grateful to have several students sign up to work polling places on election day. Most (about 90%) are from states other than Indiana, so we spent a good deal of time talking about the LP affiliates in their home states. Enjoying the discussion in one of IWU's great sofas.

Libertarian candidate for US House, District 5 Sheri Conover Sharlow also appeared and spoke. We enjoyed the hospitality shown by the IWU CLs, and the cozy setting.

Home late for a few hours sleep, a few hours of business work, and back to the trail! Thursday would be spent in Southern Indiana.

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