Tuesday, November 21, 2006

One Out, One To Go

About two weeks before the election, I had an accident had home. I tripped over the dog at the top of the stairs. As I began to fall downward head-first, I instinctively placed my right hand out to break my fall.

It worked! Problem is, I got two fingers caught in the baby gate. I knew immediately that I broke at least one metacarpel in the right hand. This was confirmed by a specialist. He set the bone in the office, but it fell of place during the following, leading to surgery.

Having the hand in a cast meant I couldn't wear the normal candidate attire. I couldn't wear a suit coat, and I couldn't tie a necktie until I finally got enough use of my right hand a day before the election.

Everyone noticed. I decided to have fun with it. With media, I would say, "I've just shaken so many hands, mine fell apart. I wore it out!" That got laughs. With supporters or those who seemed amused and asked, "what happened to you?", I replied, "You should see the other guy." More laughs... except when I used it at the doctor's office. They thought I was serious!

Anyhow, one of the two pins was removed. This gave me quite a lot more movement in my pinky. I have a whole new list of exercises to do, which is great. I had no idea that the pins actually run inside the bones! The other one comes out next week. Chances are good that I will even be able to play hockey come January 1. The gloves will stay on, to be sure!

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